Technical Diving

Technical diving is scuba diving’s extreme sport, taking experienced and qualified divers far deeper and further than in mainstream recreational diving. Technical diving is marked by significantly more equipment and training requirements to manage the additional hazards this type of diving entails. Tec diving isn’t for everyone, but for those who want to be explore and discover more, technical diving is the key to yet another underwater world.

What is the difference between Open Circuit Technical and Closed Circuit Technical?

The Dive Academy at the Surrey Dive Centre offers technical diving training for open circuit (twinsets) to various levels of diver.Open circuit describes all the diving you have done up until now. In simple terms, bubbles are free to leave the system and rise up to the surface. Closed Circuit describes all the systems in which the diver’s exhaled breath is contained in a closed system (A Rebreather).

If you are looking to train further in the Open Circuit side of technical diving, click here to explore further.

We offer Closed Circuit Technical Diving (Rebreathers) for various levels of diver at the Surrey Dive CentreAlternatively, if you are looking to enter the silent world of Closed Circuit Technical Diving, Click here.