Air fills, kit hire and servicing information

Air Fill information

We fill air only. To 300 bar maximum*. Cylinders must meet appropriate periodic testing requirements and have Scuba compatible fittings.

We do not fill the small cylinders that attach directly onto air rifles and paintball guns etc. New or completely empty cylinders may be charged as a double fill at the compressor operators discretion.

Fill costs as follows:

* up to 230 bar £7.50 per cylinder

* up to 300 bar fill £15 per cylinder

Kit Hire policy

We supply the required scuba kit for students attending our in house training and on escorted trips run by Surrey Dive Centre. The latter may involve an additional hire fee depending on itinerary.

We do not hire our kit to independent instructors or third parties for recreational diving. We can supply dive gear if you hire one of our staff for guided dives. This is subject to instructor availability and location.

Diving equipment servicing

We have on staff qualified Scuba equipment servicing technicians. Surrey Dive Centre can service most brands and current manufacturer models on site. A typical annual service for a basic regulator set (1x 1st stage, 2x 2nd stages and gauge) is £90-100 VAT included.

Some brands or models are a little more expensive than others. Service costs don’t cover replacement hoses or non-service parts. Replacement hoses range from £25-45 each with specialist ones being more.

A BCD internal clean and service is around £38 and computer battery changes are £45 and upward.

Many manufacturers have now stopped supporting older equipment so it can often be more economic to replace tired kit.

Cylinder testing is run externally so we generally advise a two week turn around for this service.

Costs vary but as an example a 60 month Hydrostatic test, valve service and air fill is around £63.95 VAT included. This doesn’t include shot blasting for internal corrosion or replacement content labelling, that can be an extra for example.

Periodic visual inspection of marine use cylinders is around £48 and needs to be done between hydrostatic tests.

Please note that the labeling guidance for cylinder testing was updated recently. Your cylinder dates have not changed just how the test technician indicates which test is required next.

Regards, Surrey Dive Centre Team